The Bangladesh Study and Development Centre was founded in the year 1996 and is situated in Wiehl, Germany. The Association promotes the socio-economic, scientific, healthcare and environmental development in Bangladesh.

Purpose and Aims of BSEZ

Our Centre seeks to study socio-economic, scientific, technological, medical and environmental situation of Bangladesh. Possible solutions are to be sought to the related problems.

Our Centre intends to mobilize Bengali expertises as well as Germans, particularly those, who are interested in helping Bangladesh with their specific knowledge.

Our Centre also promotes the young Bangladeshi science academic talents in order to build up new enterprises in their respective areas. Vocational traning and advanced traning shall be supported by short and mid-term sojourn in Germany.

Our Centre promotes scientific, health-improving and environmental projects as well as projects on education, agriculture and women development in Bangladesh.

Our Centre intends to inform the German public about the culture and the land of Bengal through various publications, seminars and events, and thereby to broaden the relations between the two nations.

Our Centre wants to cooperate with other associations with identical or similar objectives on partnership basis.

Our Centre will try to set up a central library containing books and magazines from Bangladesh and concerning Bangladesh. This library shall serve as a source of information for studies about Bangladesh.