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Rahima Baniz Healthcare Centre (ab 2021)

For many years, the Mother-Child- Health-Centre was able to provide medical care successfully and reliably for the rural population. The focus on caring for children and pregnant women was immensely important for the families in the area. The medical services included care during pregnancy and childbirth, vaccinations, nutritional advice and family planning.

Unfortunately, due to the sudden death of the CEO of the Tarango Multipurpose Development Organization (TMDO) Nasima Akter Jahan, the Mother-Child-Health-Centre (MKHC) had to be closed from 2018 to mid-August 2021 due to lack of proper management, funding and later due to the Corona Pandemic. With the support of BSEZ the hospital was managed to reopen on August 29, 2021 at the request of the local community and TDMO under the administration of Alo Bhubon Trust under the name Rahima Baniz Health Care Centre (RBHC). Currently, the centre offers primary health care and physical therapy services. Furthermore, with the financial support of BSEZ, there are courses and events to develop health awareness among the underprivileged rural population.

General medicine and physiotherapy are in full swing. Currently the following staff are employed: A part-time doctor, a physiotherapist, a nurse, a doctor's assistant, a cleaner and a night watchman. The Alo Bhubon Trust will very soon have the means for telemedicine and in the near future also for cancer screening.

Here are some recent photos of the hospital:
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Mother-Child-Centre (2010-2018)

Together with our partner organization Rotary Club Gummersbach-Oberberg, and AugenBlicke e.V. from Reichshof, BSEZ has rolled–out: a Mother-Child-Centre. It met the urgent necessity, serves the local population, as well as fulfills a long wish of the village population.

This Mother-Child-Centre serves ca. 50000 people living in it’s perimeter in the northern part of Bangladesh (Ekorkuri in Bolia Union/Naogaon Thana). The main target is to help poor families, especially women and children in their everyday medical problems.

Main health services are: In neighboring complex to the school there is a plot of ca. 2/3 hectare available, where a building has been built up (ca. 220 m²) including a medical check-up room, a chamber/training classroom, an exercise room/physiotherapy room, as well as a reception centre in the ground floor. A maternity room in ground floor is under construction. Besides the Mother–Child-Centre is surrounded by a vegetable – medicinal plants as well as a fishpond.
The Mother-Child-Centre facility is well accepted; in the very beginning it was not easy though. The medical and administrative personnel are well trusted by local population.
Around 500 patients per month are being treated in this Mother-Child-Centre by two physicians, one traditional healer, one nurse and one midwife. It runs 8 hours per day. During regular working time pathological and physio-therapeutic check-ups are carried out by trained personnel. The physicians do pass pretty busy time in their practice because of high dense of patients. A gynecologist treats three times per week numerous patients. Physiotherapist visits twice a month the Mother-Child-Centre and treat ca. 40 to 50 patients.

In year 2011 the Mother-Child-Centre delivered two training sessions (six days per session) for local midwives. Each time 33 participants took part. This project was conducted by district medical authority. Due to the success of such action, consequently another three days basic training course for 100 medical field workers took place in November 2011. Through all these activities a good cooperation has been formed with district medical authority and promising a long-term relationship.

In April 2012 a delegation, team of four members from our main sponsor Rotary Club Gummersbach-Oberberg, together with couple Zakaria visited the Mother-Child-Centre. Delegation team members went through thoroughly the project deliverables and achievements as well as took interviews from people on-site and respective authorities. In the end they were really impressed from the successful roll-out of the project.

In order to meet increasing demand of gynecological treatment the medical centre must has to be extended to another additional floor. Our partner in Bangladesh with their limited resources has put the cornerstone. One part of bare brickwork in ground floor has been achieved. But according to plan there should be two maternity rooms and four patient rooms. The centre is equipped with an ultrasonic and an ECG device, in addition to usual medical instrument. Currently the discussion is underway whether pregnant patients with delivery complications; like caesarean; need to be transferred to the next city or our centre can be equipped for such operations. Unfortunately, our partners have run out of financial resources in order to complete the initiated expansion works.

Mobile medical service (2011-2017)

There are a big number of disabled and sick patients in nearby villages who are not able to come by themselves to the medical centre. It is necessary that clinic personnel visit and provide them medical consultancy regularly, potentially provide first aid. After receiving financial support for this purpose from our partner Else Kröner-Fresenius-Stiftung we have started this mobile medical service once a month in July 2011.Our mobile medical service team look after twelve Unions of Naogaon-Thana. People are demanding minimum two visits per month of our mobile medical service team. However it is not affordable for us to deliver more than one visit per month with the available resources. This service is well accepted and recognized by people and local authorities, regular & multiple visits per month of mobile medical service team would be highly appreciated!