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Bangladesh is always accompanied with poverty, illiteracy and overpopulation. Ca. 130 million people live in an area almost equal to two German states namely Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria. It is a great challenge, but at the same time it offers tremendous quantity of human resources. Education is a must precondition for every further development in Bangladesh. It will facilitate the healthy base to cope with all existing challenges of this country.

The government, private supporters and NGOs work together in order to secure the primary education in near future. Western countries should intensify their effort in supporting the educational policy in developing countries in conjunction with further prosperities.

We support a primary and secondary high school in Bangladesh and request for your kind assistance. In December 1999 we founded the secondary high school "IKARKURI HIGH SCHOOL" with the help of the rural people, but without government help in northern part of Bangladesh.
Since then the children of the poor families can go the school at their native place. In 2002 we could construct a new building for the secondary school. The old corrugated iron sheet building accommodates the primary school, our second project in Ikarkuri, founded in 2003.
In December 2020, the primary school students moved to a three-story government-built building. Another four-storey building, donated by the government, will soon be available for the secondary school. The joy among the students and teachers is very great.
Here are a few facts about the two schools we look after:
Financial resources are needed for:
Running costs including investment reserve: Our long-term plans are: In the long term we aim to transfer the responsibility of the school to the state educational authority of Bangladesh. So that the school could survive independently without our help as well as local educational authority will bear all other expenses including teachers’ salaries.

Our aim is help to self-reliance.

We are welcoming people, who are ready to support our school with ideas and financial assistances. It could be an Institution / a school / a school class that is willing to undertake partly / fully sponsorship or any other type of cooperation!
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